Train in emBrowdery™

Work towards a V.T.C.T. world renowned qualification when you train at the Up To My Eyes Academy in the art of  emBrowdery™

Want to join the Semi Permanent Brow Revolution but FEAR is holding you back?

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The Unique 3 Step approach to creating emBrowdery™ Perfect Brows.

The Safe and Gentle alternative to Microblading.

Now, thanks to emBrowdery™ everyone can have the ultimate in well-groomed, perfectly balanced brows. This unique new affordable beauty procedure was introduced to Ireland by Up To My Eyes, the industry leader specialists in lashes and brows. Whether your client’s brows are over-plucked or just plain non-existent, emBrowdery™ will create realistic hairs in the brows to create the perfect shape for your client’s face and transform the way they look and feel about themselves.

emBrowdery™ is a method whereby pigment is implanted into the top layer of the epidermis of the skin by a “plucking up” gentle motion with a manual tool. The appearance is completely natural, soft, powdery, subtle and blends with or without hair along the brow bone. New nano-technology is used in the emBrowdery™ pigments which allows the colours to stay in place regardless of how light the strokes are applied. Natural shades are easily achieved.

Attendance at Academy

3 consecutive days. A 4th day will be arranged to review work carried out by students after a significant practice period has been completed. A Professional Kit is Included.

After a detailed client consultation, using a variety of tools which we will supply you with in your kit, you will create the perfect eyebrow shape to suit your client’s face, personality and desires. You will then choose the correct pigment colour to suit your client’s skin tone. You are now ready carry out the 1st emBrowdery™ Pass.

Within a week of your client’s first treatment the colour will fade significantly and over the next four weeks can continue to fade as much as 70%. The theory of  emBrowdery™ is that the pigment is being “carried” by the body from the top layer to the bottom layer of the epidermis. A certain amount of pigment will also naturally exfoliate as the skin sheds. This is considered an extremely positive occurrence as it allows your client time to reflect on their shape and colour.

After a month the 2nd Pass of emBrowdery™ is carried out. At this point any changes your client would like to make are discussed. Most changes can be easily achieved. Pigment shade is checked within the skin and any required adjustments to colour are made. Once again you can expect your client’s colour to fade but to a much lesser degree.

Another month later and the final “Pass” of emBrowdery™ is carried out. At this stage the colour vibrancy is increased and fading should be minimal. Your client will now have the perfect lasting eyebrow shape regardless of whether they have brow hairs or not.

The procedure is virtually painless and has been likened to the sensation of eyebrow plucking but not as severe as eyebrow threading. There is no need to apply anesthetic during an emBrowdery™ treatment as no pressure is applied to the skin and no cutting down into the skin is required. There are no side effects, save for perhaps a little bit of redness that you might have created whilst removing excess pigment from the brow area. This slight redness can be easily camouflaged with make-up and will disappear within minutes.

emBrowdery™ Course: €2,200

Course Schedule

The course will include Theory and Practical Sessions. Each day will start at 9.00am and finish at 6.00pm There will be a one hour lunch break, with morning and afternoon coffee/tea breaks. The course is limited to 4 students and each student will be required to bring in a model for their lesson on Day 3.

Student home study hours will be:

  • Step by step learning of the basic emBrowdery™ strokes. There are 8 steps involved in creating a 30 stroke formation. Students will need to produce photographic evidence of each step performed correctly before being instructed to move on to the next step.
  • A minimum of 4 emBrowdery™ Treatments should be carried out on 4 individual models. A portfolio for each model must be created and forwarded with photographic evidence to the Tutor. If, at this stage the tutor thinks your work is up to standard, you will be asked to come back in for an assessment. You will be required to bring a new model for this assessment.

Although it may seem quite simple, emBrowdery™ artistry is not a skill you are likely to see possessed by a typical micro-pigmentation therapist and is more skilled than micro-blading. Only someone who is totally proficient in the procedure involved in brow design can truly be called an emBrowdery™ Brow Shaper. You need to have realistic expectations of what you will be able to achieve initially as this technique requires time and patience to master.

What you will learn

  • How to impregnate colour without cutting down into or damaging the skin.
  • How to measure the perfect shape for eyebrows. To achieve this you will be using a variety of tools; a golden means caliper, a digital brow caliper and surgical thread, all of which will be supplied in your kit.
  • How to choose the correct shape brow to enhance your client’s features.
  • How to calculate and create 30 basics strokes which will form an aesthetic and pleasing looking brow.
  • How to select the correct pigment colour to enhance your client’s natural brows and skin tones.
  • How to create a full brow in the event of no existing brow.
  • How to fill in sparse areas in an otherwise good natural brow.
  • Understanding the Manual Hand Tool Apparatus & Needles
  • Mastering your device.
  • Using correct needle groupings to create the emBrowdery™ effect.
  • Understanding the emBrowdery™ pigments.
  • A step by step guide on the different formations of hair strokes to create a natural looking brow.
  • Correcting eyebrows of an unflattering colour and shape.

emBrowdery™ Certification

On completion of the emBrowdery™ Training Course, you will be presented with an emBrowdery™ Certification. This will ensure that you can become fully Insurable. Should you like to become a fully qualified Micro-pigmentation Technician with the VTCT, we can organise for you to train in eyeliner, lipmentation and powder affect eyebrows. These skills are a necessary requirement to achieve a full Semi-Permanent Make-Up Level 4 Qualification.

emBrowdery™ is a registered European Trademark. emBrowdery™ is a subsidiary of Up To My Eyes™ and shares its Academy with Up To My Eyes at 6 Theatre Lane, Greystones, Co Wicklow.

Local Accommodation can be arranged for you on request.

When you become a fully fledged emBrowdery™ therapist you will gain access to our brand imagery bank and our logo. Brand guidelines will be strictly adhered to.

Training Kit Contents

  • 7 emBrowdery Pigment Colors
  • Golden Mean Ratio Divider
  • Digital Brow Calipers
  • 2 Manual Tools
  • 1 Brow Pencil
  • 1 Pencil Pairer
  • Lancets for patch testing (15).
  • emBrowdery™ Needles (15)
  • Aftercare Cards (15)
  • emBrowdery Brochures (15)
  • Finger Rings (15)
  • Sharps Waste Container
  • Plastic Pigment Cups (15)
  • Practice skins (5)
  • Pigment Stand & Pigment Cups
  • Diamonte  “I Do Brows” Broach

About the author

Elaine McParland is a fully qualified VTCT Level 5 Teacher. She is also a fully qualified VTCT (NVQ) Level 4 Micro-Pigmentation Therapist. These qualifications are recognised in approx 40 countries worldwide. Elaine is recognised as an elite brow stylist, who introduced emBrowdery™ into the Irish Market.

She has a wealth of Brow sculpting experience, knowledge and training skills. Trained by the industry’s best in Singapore, UK, Milan and Moscow, Elaine is also a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) and is a certified technician with Grasse International Beauty, Singapore, Soft Tap, United Kingdom, Semi-Permanent Makeup, Moscow and Beauty Medical, Italy.

Elaine has been nominated for the last 3 years running in the Image Business of Beauty Awards as Best Brow Artist. Her salon, Up To My Eyes, was the winner of the Irish Hair & Beauty Awards 2016 Outstanding Salon.